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Wedding hairstyles using clip in hair extensions

- Irene Gilman
Wedding hairstyles using clip in hair extensions

Wedding hairstyles using clip in hair extensions

As you prepare for one of the most memorable days of your life, every detail contributes to making your wedding day as special and unique as your love story. Among these details, your hairstyle plays a pivotal role in elevating your bridal look to a whole new level of elegance.

This blog is dedicated to uncovering the reasons why the best clip in extensions for wedding hairstyles, like those offered by Atelier Extensions, can be a true game-changer. From adding volume and length to providing versatility in styling, hair extensions offer a world of possibilities for brides.

Whether you're envisioning a romantic updo, flowing waves, or a chic, modern style, we'll guide you through the benefits and simplicity of using hair extensions, like those offered by Atelier Extensions.

Why Clip-In Extensions are a Bride's Best Friend

Versatility and Ease for Your Wedding Hairstyle

Wondering if clip-in hair extensions are right for your wedding day look? The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s why they’re a match made in bridal heaven for just about everyone. Wedding hairstyles with clip in extensions offer versatility and elegance.

  • A Match for Every Hair Type: Got long hair but craving more volume? Clip-ins are your go-to. If you've always felt your thin hair limits your style choices, think again. Hair extensions can add that much-needed body and length. And if you're eyeing those voluminous bridal ponytails and braids on Pinterest, remember, many of those looks get their oomph from extensions. They truly are a universal fit!
  • Styling Made Fun and Flexible: Here’s the exciting part – clip-ins are super versatile. Dreaming of a majestic bun or a whimsical braid for your ceremony, and then something totally different for your reception? With clip-ins, switching up your style is a breeze. They're perfect for brides planning a mid-wedding hairstyle change, offering the freedom to restyle or even remove them for a completely new look.


Perfect Timing: When to Get Your Extensions

Choosing the right moment to get your hair extensions is as important as picking out your dress. We recommend getting your hands on them at least a month before your wedding. This gives you plenty of time to play around and get comfortable with them, especially if you're not a regular extension user. If you're working with a stylist, having the extensions for your hair trial is a must. It lets your stylist show you exactly how they'll weave magic into your hair on the big day. For the DIY brides, this early start means you can practice to perfection, ensuring your self-styled hair looks professional and polished.


At Atelier, we're all about making your bridal hair dreams come true. Our clip-ins are designed for every bride – they're easy, versatile, and blend beautifully with your natural hair.


Selecting the Ideal Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

Natural Look, Perfect Shade, and Texture

Natural Over Synthetic for a Timeless Look: When it comes to bridal hair with clip in extensions, opting for natural hair extensions, like Atelier Extensions hair. They ensure your hair looks natural, blends unnoticeably, and photographs beautifully. While natural extensions may be a bit more of an investment compared to synthetic ones, they offer long-term value, lasting for years with proper care. This makes them not just perfect for your wedding day but for any future events too. Synthetic extensions, on the other hand, often can't withstand heat styling, limiting your options for creating diverse hairstyles.

Choosing the Right Length: The length of your bridal clip in hair extensions should align with the look you’re aiming for. If it’s fullness you’re after, pick a length close to your natural hair. For those seeking both length and volume, extensions no more than 6 inches longer than your hair work best. This ensures ease in blending, especially if you're styling them yourself.

Finding Your Perfect Match: When selecting the shade of your hair extensions, it's crucial to consider the natural color variations in your hair, especially when you're looking for the best clip in hair extensions for your wedding. The best match typically aligns with the dominant color of your roots or the mid-lengths of your hair.


For a more nuanced approach, consider these tips:
  • Natural Lighting: Evaluate your hair color in natural light, as artificial lighting can alter the appearance of your hair color.
  • Multiple Tones: If your hair has multiple tones, aim for a shade that complements the most dominant tone.
  • Consultation: Use Atelier Extensions' virtual color match service for professional guidance. This can be especially helpful if you're uncertain about choosing between shades.
  • Swatch Samples: Consider ordering sample swatches available from Atelier. Testing these swatches against your hair in natural light will give you the best idea of which shade will blend seamlessly.


Texture That Blends and Holds Style

The Right Texture for a Natural Look: At Atelier Extensions, we understand the importance of texture in creating a natural and enduring look. Our extensions come in a natural beach wave texture, ideal for blending with your own hair. This texture not only integrates seamlessly but also holds curls and styles effectively, ensuring your hairstyle doesn’t fall flat throughout your wedding day. It's this careful balance of natural appearance and practical functionality that makes our extensions a preferred choice for brides seeking a hairstyle that stays beautiful and vibrant from the walk down the aisle to the final dance at the end of the night.

Creating Unforgettable Looks for Your Special Day
Your wedding day hairstyle plays a crucial role in your overall bridal look. It's not just about the dress; it's about how every element comes together, including your hair. Clip-in from Atelier Extensions can be the secret to turning a beautiful hairstyle into an extraordinary one, particularly when it comes to bridal updos with clip in extensions. These extensions add volume and dimension, making even the most intricate updos look fuller and more elegant.


Here are some classic and trendy styles where clip-ins can truly make a difference

Classic Deep Waves 

Imagine transforming your hair into something more voluminous and intricate. Adding extensions to classic deep waves can create depth and richness, making your hair the epitome of bridal elegance.


Soft Waves

There’s something undeniably romantic about soft waves and curls. Clip-ins provide the extra volume and length needed to turn these styles into a cascading, dreamy look, perfect for both classic and bohemian weddings.


Half-Up, Half-Down

For the contemporary bride, half-up, half-down hairstyles strike the perfect balance between sophistication and modern flair. Extensions add the necessary volume and length to play around with different variations of this versatile style.  

Wearing: Atelier Extensions 22" Clip-in's: Pearl Blonde Balayage and Platinum 


Elegant Buns

Whether you prefer a sleek low bun or a voluminous top knot, extensions can provide the extra hair needed to create a full, polished look. They ensure your bun stands out, complementing both a classic veil or a more modern bridal accessory.

Romantic Ponytail

A ponytail for a wedding? Absolutely! Transform this everyday style into a romantic, chic statement perfect for a wedding. Extensions add length and volume, creating a ponytail that’s anything but ordinary.


Each of these styles can be enhanced significantly with the addition of clip-in hair extensions. Not only do they add volume and length, but they also allow for more intricate designs and a fuller look that lasts throughout your wedding day and night.


Effortless Post-Wedding Extension Care

Don't let the thought of aftercare for your extensions intimidate you—it's surprisingly simple! Once your special day is over, gently remove the wefts and if needed, wash them using your regular shampoo and conditioner, just like you would with your natural hair.

They are perfectly designed to air dry, making the process hassle-free. Store them flat in the travel pouch provided to prevent tangling. This straightforward care routine ensures your extensions remain in excellent condition, ready to accompany you on your honeymoon or any future event. With Atelier, you get effortless beauty, both on your wedding day and beyond.

Your Perfect Wedding Hair with Atelier Extensions

As you plan your special day, remember that Atelier Extensions can effortlessly enhance your wedding hairstyle. Offering natural, easy-to-style extensions, we help bring your bridal hair dreams to life. Don't worry about matching – our virtual color match service and sample swatches ensure a perfect blend with your natural hair. For a look that lasts from vows to the last dance, trust Atelier to add that touch of elegance and glamour.


Ready to discover your ideal wedding hairstyle? Explore our clip-in extensions or connect with us for a personalized color match. Let Atelier Extensions be the finishing touch to your unforgettable bridal look.

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