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Shade Samples

Choose one, three, or as many as you desire

Our main aim with these samples is to ensure you find the perfect shade match for you!

Color Filter
Sample: Pearl Blonde Balayage
Pearl Blonde Balayage
Sample: Light Brown Balayage
Light Brown Balayage
Sample: Golden Honey Balayage
Golden Honey Balayage
Sample: Sand Blonde Balayage
Sand Blonde Balayage
Sample: Caramel Balayage
Caramel Balayage
Sample: Beach Blonde Balayage
Beach Blonde Balayage
Sample: Caramel Honey Balayage
Caramel Honey Balayage
Sample: Icy Blonde Highlight
Icy Blonde Highlight
Sample: Creamy Beige Blonde
Creamy Beige Blonde Highlight
Sample: Chocolate Brown Highlights
Chocolate Brown Highlight
Sample: Caramel Blend Highlights
Caramel Blend Highlight
Sample: Honey Highlighted Blend
Honey Highlighted Blend
Sample: Brown Ash Highlight
Brown Ash Highlight
Sample: Brown Caramel Highlight
Brown Caramel Highlight
Sample: Medium Golden Highlight
Medium Golden Highlight
Sample: Dark Ash Highlight
Dark Ash Highlight
Sample: Sunkissed Blonde
Sunkissed Blonde
Sample: Rooted Light Blonde
Rooted Light Blonde
Sample: Ultra Blonde
Ultra Blonde
Sample: Platinum
Sample: Light Honey Blonde
Light Honey Blonde
Sample: Golden Platinum
Golden Platinum
Sample: Rooted Light Strawberry Blonde
Rooted Light Strawberry Blonde
Sample: Natural Black
Natural Black
Sample: Medium Brown
Medium Brown
Sample: Jet Black
Jet Black
Sample: Light Brown
Light Brown
Sample: Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Sample: Natural Auburn
Natural Auburn

How it looks

Each sample is a 1-clip piece, measuring 1.25" in width. These shade samples are straight and specifically crafted for shade matching purposes. Please note: Our main aim with these samples is to ensure you find the perfect shade match for you!

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Find your flawless hair shade virtually or in-store.

Virtual Color Match Service

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Virtual Color Match Service

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