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How to style hair with clip in extensions

- Irene Gilman
How to style hair with clip in extensions

Does the thought of struggling to make extensions look as natural as possible get to you? How about the fear of damaging both your hair and the extensions with styling tools or products keep you from using your extensions? You're not alone. The search for adding quick, natural volume and length without compromising hair health is a common concern among so many of us. 


Today, we're breaking down how to effortlessly apply and style clip-in hair extensions, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your natural hair for that “I forgot I was wearing them” moment. And for those of you asking can you style clip-in hair extensions in various ways? Yes! We will also show you the styles with clip-in hair extensions that change your entire look in minutes. There are many ways to style clip-in hair extensions. 

Plus, we'll share essential care tips to keep your extensions looking brand new, even through heat styling and product useBut before we get into how to style clip-in extensions, let's get back to the basics.


Addressing Clip-in Extension Hiccups

Struggling with extensions that don’t blend or fearing damage from styling? It might boil down to the quality of them, how you’re applying them, or a rushed purchase from a place like Amazon that didn't pan out after styling. Here’s some quick tips on how to style your hair with clip-in extensions and what to look for in extensions to ensure a natural, damage-free look.


This essential rundown will pave the way for styling clip-in extensions effortlessly, ensuring they not only blend seamlessly but also maintain their integrity through various styling routines.


Choosing the Perfect Extensions? 

This is what to look out for


  • High-Quality Human Hair: Nothing beats 100% human hair extensions for better heat tolerance and a natural appearance like those of Atelier Hair Extensions 

  • Color Match: If you're stuck between two shades, go for the slightly lighter option; it tends to blend more naturally.

  • Ideal Length: Extensions that are 4-6 inches longer than your natural hair are ideal, they look more natural and are more manageable.


Application Done Right:

Do you skip any of these?

  • Hair Prep: Clip-ins work best on clean or second-day hair. Mid-week hair, tends to have product buildup, might not offer the best blend.

  • Sectioning is Key: Take your time to section your hair as straight as possible. This reduces strain on the roots and ensures a smoother blend.

  • Assess the Quantity: Don’t automatically use a full pack of clip-ins. Gauge what your hair can handle without looking sparse or overwhelming your frame. For thicker hair, ensure even distribution to avoid a thin appearance.

  • Adjust for Fine Hair: Create wider sections to better camouflage the wefts with your roots. 

  • A Trim: Trimming can also help your hair blend more seamlessly, mimicking a natural haircut and movement.

These tips not only ensure your extensions look natural and beautiful but also protects your hair from potential hiccups, making your styling both effortless and enjoyable. Discovering ways to style clip-in hair extensions can transform your beauty routine, so why not safeguard your hair’s health and vibrancy too! 

Styling Your Extensions: Real Looks, Real People

We hope our tips have sparked some inspiration. Now, it's time to focus on the real reason you're here: discovering clip in hair extension style ideas and learning how to style clip in hair extensions to perfection! Below, we're thrilled to share some of our favorite hairstyles, each brought to life by some amazing individuals who have tried and worn our extensions. Let's see these ideas for styling hair with clip in extensions!

Loose Beach Waves ⭐ A Customer Favorite

Atelier Hair Extensions Clip-In Creamy Beige Blonde 22 inch

To nail the universally flattering loose beach waves, first, detangle and brush your hair, then apply heat protectant. Clip in your first extension at the nape, curl both your hair and the extension with a 1" curling iron using a twisting the curl as you’re pulling down, and let the curl cool without breaking it up. Repeat with each weft. Finish with hairspray, then softly separate the curls with your fingers and add a touch of hair oil for shine. It's a simple process that guarantees stunning results on everyone.


Sleek Tuck

Atelier Clip-In Hair Extensions: 22" Natural Auburn

For the sleek tuck, ensure your extensions and hair are smooth and free of tangles. Straighten your hair and extensions beforehand if needed, using a heat protectant. Attach the extensions starting from the nape, skipping the ones near your temples for a natural look. Once all are in place, use a flat iron again to blend your hair with the extensions for a seamless finish. Sleek down the front sections with gel and tuck behind your ears, securing with bobby pins. Do one final flat iron pass through to ensure your hair and extensions are perfectly blended.


Wrapped High Ponytail 

Atelier Clip-In Hair Extensions 22" Caramel Honey Balayage


First, give your hair and those clip-in extensions a good brush to get them silky smooth. Keep safe by misting on some heat protectant. Now, take a moment to curl your hair and those extensions separately, making the curls with a 1-inch iron for that perfect bounce. When you're ready, clip in those extensions clip side up, but only go as high as your temples. Pull your natural hair and extensions back into that high pony, secure it, and wrap a small piece of hair around the base to keep that hair tie hidden. Tuck it in place with a bobby pin. Let a few strands out to frame your face. A dash of hairspray for lasting style, tousle those curls with your fingers for some movement and voila! You're all set with a ponytail that's nothing short of show-stopping


Half Up Half Down 

Atelier 22" Clip-In Honey Highlight Blend Hair Extensions


A prime example of half down half hair up styles with clip in extensions, start  by applying your hair extensions as usual. Leaving the front strands of your hair out for a more styled appearance. Gently pull back the top section of your hair, applying a bit of gel for a sleek finish, and secure it with an elastic. Then, take a large 1 1/4" barrel curling iron and loosely curl the remaining hair, including the extensions and those face-framing pieces. This effortlessly gives you a stylish and versatile look, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Space Buns

Atelier Clip-In Hair Extensions 22" Rooted Light Blonde


For a playful and energetic vibe, space buns are your go-to hairstyle, perfect for anything from a coffee run to a Pilates class or just everyday fun. Start by ensuring your hair is tangle-free, then clip in your extensions from the bottom up, stopping just short of the top section reserved for the buns. Add some curls for texture and define them with a texturizing spray. Next, part your hair down the middle and section off the top halves for the buns. Twist each top section into a high ponytail, secure with a hair tie, then wrap it into a bun, securing again with a hair tie and bobby pins for extra stability. Finish with a light hold hairspray to keep your playful buns in place all day


Tips for Maintaining Clip-in Hair Extensions

To keep your clip-ins looking fabulous and ready for any hair styles with clip in extensions, a little TLC goes a long way. Brush them gently to avoid tangles, wash only as needed with a mild shampoo, and let them air dry. Store them carefully to maintain their shape, and always use a heat protectant when styling. For those nights when you can't part with your extensions, a loose braid will prevent tangling. With these simple care steps, your extensions will continue to be your go-to for transforming your look, whether you're aiming for playful space buns or gorgeous waves.



We've covered everything from hair styles for clip in extensions to maintaining their beauty and longevity. Whether you're creating waves, sleek looks, or fun buns, remember: proper care is essential. For more insights and answers to all your clip-in extension queries, head over to our FAQ section. Let's make every single day a great hair day!


Frequently Asked Questions About Clip-In Hair Extensions

Can I wear clip-in extensions every day?

Yes, clip-in extensions can be worn daily. However, to maintain the health of your natural hair and the longevity of the extensions, it's recommended to give your scalp a break periodically.

How long do clip-in extensions last?

With proper care, high-quality human hair clip-in extensions can last anywhere from 6 months or even longer. The lifespan depends on how frequently they're worn and how they're maintained.

Can I dye or bleach clip-in extensions?

Yes, you can dye or bleach human hair extensions, but it's advised to proceed with caution and ideally consult a professional hairstylist to avoid damaging the extensions.

Can I swim or exercise with clip-in extensions?

It's best to remove clip-ins before swimming or intense workouts to prevent tangling and potential damage from chlorine, saltwater, or sweat.

How do I choose the right color and length?

For the most natural look, choose extensions that match your hair color closely or are slightly lighter, as they blend more easily. Extensions should be 4-6 inches longer than your natural hair for the most versatility and natural appearance.

How do I prevent my clip-in extensions from slipping?

Ensure your hair is not too silky before applying the extensions; a little texture helps. You can lightly tease the section where the clips will attach to provide extra grip.

Can I use heat styling tools on my extensions?

Yes, you can use heat styling tools on human hair extensions. It’s always best to use a heat protectant spray to minimize damage.

How do I wash my clip-in extensions?

Wash them sparingly with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and condition them lightly, avoiding the clip area to prevent rusting. Let them air dry flat.

For any more detailed questions or personalized advice, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. Your perfect hair day is just a clip away!

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