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How to Put Clip-In Extensions in Thin Hair

- Irene Gilman
Thin Hair with Clip In Hair Extensions Before and After

Making your hair to look thicker and longer can seem hard if you have thin hair. But, with clip-in hair extensions, you can easily get the volume and length you want without permanent changes. If you're worried about extensions falling out because of thin hair, don't be. We'll answer the question: do clip in extensions work for thin hair? And we'll show you how to securely use clip in hair extensions in thin hair, so you can go from thin to full hair confidently and stylishly.


Can you use clip in hair extensions on thin hair?

Absolutely! Selecting the right type of lightweight extensions and applying them meticulously ensures that clip-ins are a perfect match for thin strands. This approach not only adds desired volume and length but does so gently, sidestepping common concerns such as discomfort from the weight or the extensions standing out unnaturally against your finer strands. By choosing seamless extensions designed specifically for fine hair, you can enjoy a comfortable, natural-looking boost  free from the worry of damage.

Difference Between Classic Weft Hair Extensions and Seamless Weft Hair Extensions


Applying Clip-In Extensions to Thin Hair

By following our guide, including tips on how to hide clip in hair extensions in thin hair, you can achieve a natural-looking and voluminous hairstyle without worrying about damage to your natural strands. It's all about applying them with care and ensuring they blend seamlessly for that perfect finish

Stylist Tip: Start with Fewer Wefts! Begin by selecting just 5 wefts. This conservative approach helps avoid overwhelming your hair and maintains a natural look.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to apply clip in extensions to thin hair:

  • Three-Clip Weft at the Nape:
    Start by sectioning a horizontal line just above the nape of your neck. This lower position is ideal for the small weft. The silicone grip on Atelier Extensions will secure the weft in place without teasing, protecting your delicate strands.

  • Four-Clip Weft for Mid-Head Coverage:
    Moving up from the nape, select a four-clip weft for the next section. Create a horizontal part across the mid-point of your head. This weft will add volume across a broader area, so ensure the section is wide enough to comfortably hide the clips.


  • Five-Clip Wefts for the Widest Part of Your Head:
    The largest wefts are designed for the widest part of your head, often around the crown. Section off a horizontal part that accommodates the length of the weft. Attach the clips starting from the middle clip to ensure even placement, securing them firmly to your hair.


  • Two-Clip Wefts for the Sides:
    Finally, for added fullness around your face, use the two-clip wefts on each side of your head. Section off areas above your ears where hair can easily conceal the wefts. Place these slightly back from your hairline to blend them seamlessly with your natural hair.


3 Tips for Thin Hair

  1. Adjust According to Thickness: Not all your hair sections need to be uniform. Adjust the width of the sections based on where you need more volume and how best to conceal the wefts

  2. Work in Wider Sections: Thicker sections provide a more secure base for the clips, especially important for thin hair. This also helps in hiding the wefts and ensuring a seamless blend.

  3. Use Only What You Need: You might not need to use all 5 wefts. Start with the essential pieces for volume and only add more if necessary to maintain a balanced, natural look.


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Making Extensions Work for You

Adding extensions to fine or thin strands can be exciting but also a bit worrying. Some people fear that extensions might damage their hair or make thinning worse. These concerns are reasonable. Heavy extensions can feel uncomfortable and might pull on your hair, leading to possible damage or even more hair loss. It can also be tricky to hide the clips if your hair is really thin, making it obvious you're wearing extensions. Plus, if the extensions are too tight, they could pull out some of your hair.

But, there's good news. If you choose light extensions and put them in correctly, you can make your mane look fuller without hurting your natural hair. opting for clip in extensions for fine thin hair and learning how to attach them properly helps avoid these problems, letting you enjoy thicker hair safely. 



Choosing the Right Type of Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Go for Light Weight Extensions:

If you have thin or fine hair, it's important to pick extensions that aren't too heavy. Heavy extensions can pull on your hair and might even cause some hair loss because they're too much for your delicate roots to handle. So, lighter extensions are the way to go to avoid any extra strain on your hair.

Pick Extensions That Are Gentle on Your Hair:

You'll want to use extensions that don't need tight braiding or strong glues to stay in place. Clip-in extensions are a great choice because they're easy to put in and take out, which means less chance of hurting your hair. Some clip-ins have special clips that are gentle and won't pull on your hair, making them even better for thin hair.

Avoid Certain Types of Extensions:

Not all extensions are good for thin strands. Avoid ones that need heat or glue to attach because these can break your natural strands and make it weaker. Also, steer clear of very heavy extensions because they might not stay in place well on finer strands, could fall out.


The Best Extensions for Thin Hair?

The best kind of extensions for people with thinning hair are those made from real human hair that clip in. These look the most natural and are light enough not to harm your hair. Brands like Atelier Extensions make these types of extensions especially for fine hair, with clips that hold tight without damaging your strands.

If you're worried about extensions causing damage, or being noticeable when you're out and about, choosing the right kind and applying them correctly can help you avoid these problems. With the right extensions, you can have fuller, thicker-looking hair without any worry.

Choosing the Right Color and Texture Match for Your Clip-In Extensions

When it comes to those looking for clip in extensions for thinning hair, finding the right color and texture match is crucial for a seamless and natural look. Atelier Extensions offers valuable tips on their blog for selecting the perfect match that blends effortlessly with your natural hair:

  • Consult Color Swatches: Compare your hair with the color swatches available on Atelier Extensions' website. It’s important to match the extensions to the ends of your hair since this is where the extensions will lay.

  • Consider Lighting: Look at your hair in natural light to get the most accurate color match. Different lighting conditions can dramatically change how your hair color looks.

  • Texture Matters: Matching the texture of the extensions to your natural hair is just as important as color. If you have fine, straight hair, choose extensions that have a similar texture to ensure they blend seamlessly.

  • Customization: Remember, you can always customize extensions for a perfect match. Atelier Extensions can be trimmed, styled, and even colored (preferably by a professional) to match your exact hair needs.

  • Seek Advice: Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional advice if you’re unsure about your color match. Atelier Hair Extensions offers support to help you find the ideal shade and texture.

Transform Your Hair, Transform Your Life

Before and After- Clip In Hair Extensions on Thin Hair


Wrapping up on how to seamlessly blend clip-in extensions into thin hair, it's clear that achieving a fuller, more voluminous style is not only possible but also accessible with the right approach and tools.

Through careful selection of lightweight, gentle extensions, and by following our step-by-step application advice, you can transform your look without compromising the health of your natural hair.

Fuller hair is just a clip away, and with these tips, you’re ready to take on the world, one weft at a time! For any further help or to explore the perfect extensions for your hair type, Atelier Extensions is here to help you. Here's to a more voluminous that begins with you and a little help from the right clip-ins.

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