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How to part your hair 4 different ways using hair extensions

- Irene Gilman
different ways to part your hair

Are you ready to transform your look with just a simple change in your hair parting? Learning how to part hair for extensions is key to refreshing your style, and we're here to guide you through four different ways to part your hair for extensions. With these techniques, you can switch up your look with ease and confidence. Whether you're looking for a subtle shift or a dramatic difference, these versatile parting methods will enhance your hair's appeal and show off your extensions to their best advantage.

Middle Part Elegance: A Style for All Ages

Recently, there's been a spirited debate about middle parts - specifically, whether they're suitable for millennials or are more of a Gen Z trend. But here at Atelier Hair Extensions, we firmly believe that the middle part is a timeless and versatile style that anyone can rock, regardless of age. If you haven't tried a middle part yet, now might be the time to experiment and see how it refreshes your look!

different ways to part your hair

Wearing Atelier 22" Clip-In Extensions Caramel Balayage

How to Apply Extensions with a Middle Part:

To integrate Atelier Extensions into your middle part style, begin by precisely parting your hair down the middle. This can be done by aligning the part with the bridge of your nose, ensuring it's straight. Once your natural hair is parted, it's time to apply the extensions. Start by clipping the extensions as close to the roots as possible on either side of the part. This ensures a seamless blend and gives your hair an even, natural flow from all angles. If you're using multiple wefts, be sure to space them evenly for a balanced look.

Styling Tips:

Once your extensions are securely in place, gently brush through to integrate them with your natural hair. To achieve an ultra-sleek look, use a flat iron to straighten your hair along with the extension hair. This not only helps in blending but also adds a lustrous sheen, enhancing the elegant and symmetrical appeal of the middle part. Remember, the key is to create a smooth transition from your natural hair to the extensions, making the style look effortlessly natural.


Extreme Side Part Glamour: Embrace Your Cheekbones

The extreme side part is a showstopper, adding a touch of Hollywood glamor to any occasion. It's a style that sweeps your hair dramatically to one side, emphasizing the cheekbones and creating an asymmetric allure that's both modern and chic. It's sleek, sophisticated, and exudes confidence, with the hair dramatically swept to one side to showcase the face's contours. This look can be achieved with your Atelier Extensions, which will add volume and length to your hair, giving you the freedom to play with a more pronounced side part without worrying about thinning areas.

how to part hair for extensions

Wearing Atelier 22" Clip-In Extensions Jet Black 


How to Apply Extensions with an Extreme Side Part:

For this high-impact look, begin by applying your Atelier Extensions starting from the back and working your way to the sides. When you reach the temple area, you'll want to make a small but crucial adjustment for hair extensions for the side of the head. Instead of continuing straight across, angle the extension slightly towards the part. This technique ensures that the extensions will bolster the dramatic side sweep, adding fullness and maintaining the style's direction. It's a nuanced method that has a substantial impact, ensuring that the volume and silhouette of your hair extensions perfectly accentuate the extreme side part.

Styling Tips:

After your extensions are in place, style your hair to enhance the depth and dimension of the part. A smoothing brush and a light mist of hairspray can help keep everything sleek and in place. For added shine and a frizz-free finish, consider a drop of hair oil, carefully avoiding the roots for a clean, non-greasy look.


A Playful Flipped Part: Voluminous and Effortless 

The flipped part is a breath-taking combination of volume, movement, and style. This look is characterized by its voluminous waves that effortlessly sweep across the head, creating a luscious and dynamic effect that is both playful and chic.

how to cut hair extensions into sections

Wearing Atelier 22" Clip-In Extensions Rooted Light Blonde


How to Achieve the Flipped Part with Extensions:

To get this look, begin by deciding which direction you want your voluminous waves to flow. Once you have determined your preferred part, start applying the hair extensions from the bottom up. As you layer them to create fullness, remember to apply the side hair extensions at an angle as you approach the crown. This strategic placement not only supports the flip but also ensures that your waves achieve the desired volume and that the extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a stunning, cohesive look

Styling Tips:

For styling, use a large barrel curling iron to create loose waves, then brush them out for a softer finish. Tease the roots slightly where the part flips to add extra lift. Use a texturizing spray to hold the style in place and give your hair a touch of grit for that perfect tousled look. The key is to strike a balance between structure and flow, allowing your locks to move freely while still maintaining the full-bodied look that makes the flipped part so captivating.


Slick Back: Chic and Sleek

The slick back style is the epitome of chic, offering a clean and modern aesthetic that makes a bold statement. It's a versatile look that can be dialed up for a glamorous evening event or toned down for a polished daytime appearance.

hair extensions on side of head

Wearing Atelier Clip-In Extensions 20" Jet Black


Mastering the Slick Back with Hair Extensions:

To achieve a slick back style using Atelier Extensions, start by selecting wefts that match the thickness and length of your natural hair for a seamless look. For this style, it's crucial to apply the extensions in a way that allows the hair to be pulled back smoothly. Begin by applying the extensions from the bottom of your head, working upwards but slightly away from the hairline. This positioning allows the extensions to lie flat when brushed back and contributes to the sleek, pulled-back look.

Styling Tips:

Once your extensions are in place, brush your hair back from the forehead and temples, directing all the hair backward. For a strong hold, use a pomade or gel that provides shine and sleekness without flakiness. To maintain a sleek appearance, consider using a straightener on both your natural hair and the extensions before styling them back. For an extra touch of sophistication, you can add a hair serum for shine and finish with a stronghold hairspray to keep everything in place throughout the day or night


Benefits of Experimenting with All Four Hair Parts Using Extensions

When it comes to hair styling, versatility is your greatest accessory, and experimenting with different hair parts can significantly alter your appearance and style. Atelier Extensions offer the perfect opportunity to play with various looks without the commitment of changing your natural hair.

  • Middle Part: A middle part gives a sense of elegance and symmetry, perfect for elongating the face and highlighting your features.

  • Side Part: The side part softens your features and adds a touch of classic glamour. It's adaptable to both casual and formal styles, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

  • Extreme Side Part: For those nights when you want to dial up the drama, the extreme side part provides a bold, red-carpet-ready look that's sure to turn heads.

  • Flipped Part: It's all about volume and playfulness, perfect for when you want to add a touch of whimsy to your style.

  • Slick Back: The slick back style is the ultimate statement in sleek sophistication. It's a powerful look for asserting confidence and fashion-forward elegance.

By incorporating Atelier Extensions into these styles, you not only enhance the look but also reap the benefits of increased volume, length, and fullness. Understanding how to section hair for hair extensions provides the flexibility to tailor your style to your mood, the occasion, or even just for a change of pace in your daily routine.

With each part offering a unique way to frame your face and showcase your personality, venturing through all four styles can be a rewarding exploration of styling possibilities. And the best part? Atelier Extensions make this journey effortlessly achievable, whether you're new to the world of hair styling or a seasoned pro looking for versatility and ease


Hair extensions can enhance the volume, length, and overall appearance of your hair, making it easier to try out various hairstyles. By parting your hair with extensions, you can achieve a fuller and more versatile look without committing to a permanent change. Extensions also allow for experimentation with different styles, providing a solution for thinning hair or the desire for a temporary new look.

Yes, you can part your hair with extensions even if you have thin hair. In fact, hair extensions are a great way to add volume and thickness to fine hair, making it easier to create distinct parts and styles. It's important to choose the right type of extensions and application method to ensure they blend seamlessly with your natural hair and don't cause damage.

To maintain your hair extensions and keep them looking natural, regularly brush them with a soft-bristle brush or wide-tooth comb to prevent tangling. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to avoid drying out the extensions. When styling, apply heat protectant and avoid excessive heat to prevent damage. Store them properly when not in use to maintain their shape and texture.


Yes, there are specific techniques for parting hair with extensions to create various looks. For a sleek and straight part, use a tail comb to create a precise line and clip in the extensions along the part. For a more voluminous look, backcomb the roots before clipping in the extensions. Experiment with side, middle, and zigzag parts to vary your style, and ensure the extensions are well-blended with your natural hair for a seamless finish.

If applied and maintained correctly, hair extensions should not cause significant damage to your natural hair. However, it's crucial to avoid putting too much tension on the roots and to use the appropriate application method for your hair type. Regular breaks from extensions and proper hair care, including deep conditioning and gentle styling, can help minimize any potential stress or damage to your natural hair.

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