Hairstyles on Demand: 6 Easy Ideas to Try with Hair Extensions

- Irene Gilman
Hairstyles on Demand: 6 Easy Ideas to Try with Hair Extensions

 The possibilities of hair styles you can create with hair extensions are endless but we have narrowed down to a list of 6 that are simple enough to recreate.

1. Vibrant Color hair  Extensions

Sometimes we want switch up our hair in a fun and bold  way without running the risk of bleaching our hair or because we're total commitment-phobes. Do you ever feel the need for a little "pick me up" ? Dressing your hair up in a pop of pink may just be what you're needing.

Our hair extensions are made from 100% Remy Hair and are safe enough to dye.  Snap it onto your hair and you're set to go!


2. Natural Beach Waves Hair Extensions

Beach waves are the epitome of summer tides but we carry the perfect shade  Natural Auburn that can be confidently rocked in the fall season. Tousled hair beach waves will always be a classic and timeless way to spruce up your hair.




  4.  High Ponytail Hair Extensions

 Have you ever wondered how Ariana Grande creates her picture-perfect dramatic pony tail hair? Not all of us are genetically blessed with long  enough hair to pull of this style. We promise that hair extensions is the easy answer. The added bonus is that they'll look realistic as if they're you're own natural hair. Someone call the paparazzi.



 5. Sleek and Straight

Sleek and straight hair styles always gives an elegant impression and is always fashionable.  You can part your hair down in the middle to create  symmetry. For a more boss bae look that will evoke more self confidence, you can also style it into slicked back hair.  The right products can also make it appear wet. This hair style is often chosen to be worn by men. Yes, it can give the appearance of someone more serious and edgy. If you want to create more more balance by creating a contrast, just incorporate more  flowy or soft fabrics in your outfit.

 Brianna is wearing Atelier 24" Clip-in Hair Extensions Jet Black


6. Braid updo Hair Extensions

Sveta is wearing Atelier 24" Clip-In Hair Extensions Light Rooted Blonde

Low braid up-do's can make a great hair statement with the right amount of hair volume. Sveta is wearing a Braided Updo that is feminine, classy, romantic, and a little undone without being too formal. This is also a wonderful style to conceal your 3rd day hair, have your face open on display while preventing your hair from  getting in contact with your lip gloss on a gusty wind day.



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