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Clip-In Extensions Maintenance Routine

- Irene Gilman
Clip-In Extensions Maintenance Routine

So, you've snagged some Atelier Hair Extensions' clip-ins and you're looking to keep them on point, right? If you're stepping into the clip-in scene for the first time and wondering how to care for clip-in hair extensions, don't sweat it. Keeping your extensions flawless is way easier than you might think. 

This quick rundown is all about cutting through the clutter and giving you the straight-up essentials on clip-in hair extensions maintenance. We're here to show you how to keep those locks looking luxe with zero hassle. 

Ready to master hair extension care? Let’s roll! 

Clip-In Wash Day  

Let's get those clip-ins clean! Here's the quick guide on how to care for your clip in hair extensions, ensuring they stay looking flawless with a routine that’s as easy as it is effective.

Your Must-Haves:

  • That sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo
  • Your fave moisturizing conditioner
  • A wide-tooth comb or flexible brush to gently detangle
  • A soft towel for drying

First Step, Detangle:

  • Kick things off by gently working through your extensions with a brush. Start at the ends and move up. This is all about keeping it smooth and preventing any unnecessary tugging.

Wash It Right:

  • Warm water only, babes. We’re not cooking pasta here. 
  • Wash each weft solo to give it the love it deserves. Dampen a weft keeping those clips dry to avoid rusting the clips.
  • Dot that shampoo on and lather it thoroughly to remove any product.
  • Rinse under warm water, ensuring every bit of soap is out. 
  • Repeat with each weft.


  • Slather that conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Clips? Avoid the base to keep the clips from rusting or loosening up.
  • Run those fingers through the weft working your conditioner in. Rinse after a quick moment to lock in that moisture.
  • Rinse and gently squeeze the water out.
  • Condition each weft with the same love and attention.

Drying and Aftercare:

  • Lightly tap those extensions dry with a towel. No rubbing, we keep it gentle.
  • Lay them flat to air-dry or blow dry them on a warm heat setting. 

And there you have it! A straightforward wash day routine that keeps your clip-ins fresh and ready to be styled or stored away for next time. 

Air Drying vs. Styling Them Dry: The Right Approach for Your Extensions

When it comes to how to look after clip-in extensions, deciding between air drying and styling them while dry, especially if you're in a pinch, is a common dilemma. If your extensions are made from human hair, you have the flexibility to style them dry. 

Let's break down the pros and cons of both methods to help you make an informed choice.

Air Drying: The Gentle Choice

Should I air dry my hair extensions?


  • Minimal Damage: Air drying is by far the gentlest option for your extensions. It significantly reduces the risk of heat damage, keeping your extensions looking healthier for longer.
  • Natural Results: Allows your extensions to settle into their natural texture, which can blend more seamlessly with your own hair.


  • Time-Consuming: The main drawback is time. Air drying can take several hours, which might not be ideal for those last-minute plans.
  • Weather Dependent: Humidity and cold air can affect drying time

Styling Dry: For Those in a Rush

Should you blow dry your hair extensions


  • Quick and Convenient: When you’re short on time, blow drying your extensions can get them ready to wear much faster.
  • Styled to Perfection: Blow Drying allows you to immediately work on achieving your desired look, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curled.


  • Potential Damage: Overuse of heat styling tools can lead to dryness, breakage, and diminished shine over time.
  • Guard Up: You'll need to arm yourself with a heat protectant to fight off the damage, adding an extra step to your get-ready routine 


Why Your Clip-Ins Are Thirsty 💦

Learning how to take care of clip in human hair extensions is key because your clip-ins crave that deep moisture love to keep shining. Without the natural oils from your scalp, they can become thirsty real quick.

Here's the lowdown on keeping them hydrated, so they keep you looking tiptop.

The How:

  • Smart Select: Grab a deep conditioner that’s all about moisture without the heavy protein. We want soft and supple, not stiff and brittle.

  • Application is Key: Focus on mid-lengths to ends and keep those clips clear.

  • Chill for a Bit: Let it sit for 30 minutes. Got a plastic cap and a blow dryer? Use them to amp up the moisture.

  • Cool It Down: A cool rinse seals the deal, locking in that moisture and leaving your extensions with that extra gloss.

Learning how to maintain hair extensions, here’s the deal: wash them more than twice a month? A deep condition monthly is essential to keep them fresh. If you're only using those extensions occasionally, a deep condition every other month will keep them lasting longer and looking sharp. Lock in that moisture to ensure your extensions are always on point. 


Proper Storage Techniques: Keep Your Clip-Ins Flawless

After you’ve slayed the day away, knowing how to stash your clip-ins is crucial, especially when it comes to how to keep extensions from tangling and ensuring they're ready for their next use. Let’s dive into the ultimate storage techniques to keep your extensions in pristine condition.

Cool, Dry Place

Keep them in a cool, dry place. Moisture and heat are the archenemies of your extensions’ longevity. A drawer or a closet shelf away from direct sunlight is your best bet.

Avoid the Tangles

Before you store them, make sure they’re tangle-free. A quick brush with a soft-bristle brush or wide-tooth comb will do the trick. This step is crucial for avoiding a detangling nightmare later on.

Wrap It Up

Silk or satin are your extensions' best friends. Wrapping them in a silk or satin scarf, or placing them in a bag made of these materials, not only protects them from dust but also prevents friction-related frizz and breakage.

Lay Them Flat

If space allows, lay your extensions flat in a storage box or drawer. This prevents any weird bending or folding that could mess with their shape or cause kinks in the strands.

By following these simple storage tips, you're taking a big step in how to take care of clip in extensions, preserving their quality and extending their lifespan.

Effortless Extension Maintenance

Nailing how to take care of clip in hair extensions is your ticket to endless good hair days. We've laid out everything from the perfect wash routine, the air vs. dry styling debate, deep conditioning dos, to smart storage hacks. Keeping your clip-ins looking luxe is all about that TLC. Quick, simple steps ensure they stay fresh, vibrant, and ready to transform your look at a moment's notice. So, embrace these care tips to extend the life and beauty of your extensions. With minimal effort, your clip-ins will continue to turn heads and boost your confidence, proving that great hair is always in reach.


To prevent clip-in extensions from tangling, follow these steps:

  • Brush Regularly: Gently brush your extensions before and after use with a wide-tooth comb or a special extension brush.
  • Use Leave-In Conditioner: Apply a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair soft and manageable.
  • Store Properly: When not in use, store your extensions in a cool, dry place. Consider using a hanger or a storage bag to keep them tangle-free.
  • Avoid Sleeping with Extensions: Remove your extensions before sleeping to prevent them from tangling overnight.
  • Wash Carefully: Wash your extensions with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, gently detangling with your fingers while washing.

Taking care of clip-in human hair extensions involves:

  • Regular Washing: Wash your extensions every 15-20 wears with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo. Follow with a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Gentle Drying: Pat dry with a towel and let them air dry. Avoid using high heat as it can damage the hair.
  • Heat Protection: If styling with heat tools, always use a heat protectant spray to shield the hair from damage.
  • Proper Storage: Store your extensions in a cool, dry place. Use a storage bag or hanger to keep them organized and tangle-free.
  • Avoid Over-Styling: Limit the use of heat styling tools and chemical treatments to prolong the life of the extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions don't need to be washed as frequently as natural hair since they don't receive oils from the scalp. It’s recommended to wash them after every 15-20 wears or when they start to build up product and no longer style as desired. Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and lukewarm water to prevent damage and drying out.

You can use regular hair products on clip-in extensions, but it is recommended to use products that are free of sulfates, parabens, and alcohol, as these ingredients can dry out and damage the hair. Opt for products specifically designed for extensions or those that are gentle and moisturizing. Additionally, using a leave-in conditioner and a heat protectant spray can help maintain the health and appearance of the extensions.

Proper storage of clip-in extensions is crucial to maintaining their quality and longevity:

  • Clean and Dry: Ensure your extensions are clean and completely dry before storing them.
  • Brush and Detangle: Gently brush through the extensions to remove any tangles.
  • Use a Storage Bag or Hanger: Store the extensions in a designated storage bag or on a hanger to keep them organized and tangle-free.
  • Cool, Dry Place: Keep the extensions in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Avoid Tight Packaging: Do not store them in tight packaging that could cause creases or tangles.

Following these tips will help keep your clip-in extensions in excellent condition, making them last longer and look better.


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