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5 Ways To Style Clip-In Hair Extensions For Extra Volume

- Irene Gilman
5 Ways To Style Clip-In Hair Extensions For Extra Volume

Are you tired of your thin hair lacking the volume you crave? Look no further! In this guide, we will reveal five great ways to style clip-in hair extensions for extra volume, giving you the luscious thick hair you've always wanted. Whether you're new to using extensions or a seasoned pro, these tips on how to style clip-in hair extensions will help you achieve salon-quality results right at home.


Benefits of Using Clip-In Hair Extensions for Volume

Clip-ins are a game-changer for anyone looking to add volume without committing to permanent extensions or other hair treatments. These extensions are versatile, easy to use, and can transform your look in minutes. They blend seamlessly with your natural hair, providing a fuller, more voluminous appearance. Plus, they offer the flexibility to switch up your style as often as you like, making them a must-have accessory for anyone seeking extra volume hair extenions.


Preparing Your Hair and Extensions for Styling

Before going into the various ways to style clip-in extensions for extra volume, it's essential to prepare both your natural hair and the extensions. Begin by cleansing and conditioning your hair to ensure it's thoroughly clean and devoid of any product residue. Next, gently brush your hair to remove any tangles. For the extensions, make sure they are also clean and tangle-free. You can lightly mist them with water or a leave-in conditioner to make them more manageable. Proper preparation sets the stage for flawless, voluminous styles.


Five Ways to Style Clip-In Extensions for Extra Volume

Way 1: The Classic Tease and Clip

One of the simplest and most effective ways to style clip-ins for more volume is the classic tease and clip method. If you're wondering, how can I add volume to my hair extensions, this method is your answer. Start by sectioning your hair and gently teasing the roots with a fine-tooth comb. This adds instant lift and creates a sturdy base for the extensions. Clip in the extensions close to the roots and smooth out the top layer of your hair to blend seamlessly. This technique is perfect for creating an overall voluminous look that's both natural and glamorous.


Way 2: Voluminous Waves

Creating voluminous waves is a fantastic way to style clip-in hair extensions for more volume. Begin by clipping the wefts as close to your roots as possible. Use a large-barrel curling iron to curl your natural hair and the extensions together. Once all the hair is curled, gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen them and create soft, voluminous waves. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to keep the waves intact and add extra shine.


Way 3: The High Ponytail



For a chic and voluminous look, the high ponytail is a go-to style. Begin by gathering your natural strands into a high ponytail and securing it firmly.Next, take the clip-in hair extensions and attach them around the base of the ponytail. To hide the clips, wrap a small section of hair around the base and secure it with a bobby pin. This method not only adds volume but also gives your ponytail a polished, high-fashion finish.


Way 4: The Half-Up, Half-Down Style

The half-up, half-down style is perfect for adding volume while keeping some hair down for a soft, romantic look. Begin by sectioning off the top half of your hair and clipping it out of the way. Clip in the extensions to the lower half of your hair, close to the roots. Once the wefts are secure, release the top section and style it as desired. This approach creates the illusion of thicker strands and adds substantial volume to the lower half.


Way 5: The Full Braid

Braids are a timeless hairstyle that can be easily enhanced with clip-in extensions for extra volume. If you're curious about how to style hair extensions for extra volume, the braid is a fantastic option. To achieve a full braid, clip in the wefts throughout your hair, focusing on areas where you want more volume. Once the extensions are in place, gather your hair and braid it as you normally would. The added wefts will make the braid appear thicker and more substantial, giving you a beautifully voluminous look.



Adding volume doesn't have to be a struggle. With these five creative ways to style clip-in extensions for extra volume, you can achieve the full, luscious hair of your dreams. Whether you prefer waves, braids, or a classic ponytail, these tips will help you make the most of your clip-in extensions. Now that you know how to style clip-in hair extensions for more volume, you can confidently transform your look and enjoy the benefits of fuller, more vibrant hair.
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