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Volume Hair Extensions



find your flawless hair shade virtually or in-store.

Virtual Color Match Service

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Virtual Color Match Service

if you're not accustomed to extensions, have sensitive scalps, or possess thin hair, our extensions are your bridal best friend. Crafted specifically with thin hair in mind, they promise all-day comfort, making sure you're radiant and comfortable.

Experience the Transformation with Atelier’s Volume Hair Extensions

Ever dreamt of luscious, voluminous locks? The answer lies in the art of selecting the perfect hair extensions for volume. With a sea of choices, it's crucial to zero in on extensions that blend quality with comfort, ensuring a natural look that turns heads wherever you go. That’s where Atelier steps in!

Atelier's Signature: Extra Volume Hair Extensions

Beyond just length, volume hair extensions are about enhancing your hair's natural fullness. Atelier stands out with a distinctive feature: an invisible wire that rests gracefully on your crown. This design, reminiscent of a halo, ensures a flawless integration with your natural strands, making every day a good hair day.

Excellence in Every Strand

When it comes to quality, our full volume hair extensions stand out. Atelier's extensions are meticulously crafted to ensure they:

  • Blend flawlessly with your natural hair
  • Offer instant volume and fullness
  • Are a stress-free, clip-free alternative to traditional extensions
  • Provide a comfortable and secure fit with an adjustable wire
  • Include optional clips for those who prefer added security

Applying Volume Hair Extensions

Atelier's unique offerings are not just extensions for volume only; they're also perfect for those looking to add a touch of length. Position the invisible wire around your crown, ensuring a snug fit. If you prefer, use the removable clips provided for that extra security. These versatile extensions allow you to not only boost volume but also achieve a longer, more luxurious look. With just a bit of practice, you'll be able to effortlessly transform your hair, whether you're aiming for a voluminous updo or a cascading, lengthy style

Discover Atelier: The Ultimate Destination for Hair Extensions

Eager for a hair makeover? Atelier's range is your golden ticket. Not only do they specialize in hair extensions to add volume, but they also guarantee:

  • Unparalleled quality with genuine human hair
  • Extensions that stand the test of time, style, and washes
  • Prices that don't break the bank

And the icing on the cake? Enjoy free shipping across the US. Dive into the world of hair transformations with Atelier and witness the magic firsthand.

Top Picks from Atelier's Absolute Volume Extensions Collection:

volume hair extensions hair extensions for volume


1. What is a Volume Hair Extensions?

Atelier Volume hair extensions use a thin invisible wire that sits on the crown of your head, providing a comfortable alternative that includes optional clips for additional secuirty. It’s great for adding Volume to thin or fine hair.

2. Are Atelier Volume Hair Extensions right for me?

Atelier Volume Hair Extensions are a great choice if you want a temporary and easy-to-use hair extension option. They are a great option for anyone with thin or fine hair who wants to add fullness without weighing down their own hair. These extensions are lightweight and can be clipped for additional security, providing a natural- looking and comfortable solution. If you're happy with your length but want to enhance its fullness, volume extensions are the option for you.

3. Can I wear my Volume Hair Extension in an up do?

Volume extensions are versatile and can be worn in updos and other hairstyles. You can adjust the invisible wire and use the removable clips provided for added security. To achieve your desired look, you may need to adjust your styling technique. Atelier Volume Hair Extensions are a non-damaging option that can allow you to experiment with new hair styles without sacrificing style or comfort.