Hair Brush Hygiene For Extensions: A Complete Guide to Washing Your Brush

- Irene Gilman
Hair Brush Hygiene For Extensions: A Complete Guide to Washing Your Brush

Hair brushes should be treated  no differently than we we would of our make up brushes, beauty blenders  and toothbrushes.  We trade out our toothbrushes every 3 months and cleanse our make up brushes every week. But how many of us could confidently admit that our hair brushes are overlooked as something that needs occasional pampering.


Have you ever found yourself  needing to wash your hair every day to avoid the oily strands? Part of the solution lies in condition of your hair brush.



Without judgement, take a look at the hair brush that you routinely grab for and ask: does it contain visual evidence of hair, build up product and residual dirt, and other mysterious debris is trapped between the crevices of the bristles. Most of us allow this guck to transfer over to freshly washed hair without a second thought.


Luckily, we dont have to toss away your favorite brush. Instead we can refresh our hair brush that it cravely needs. One thing is for sure: Hair brushes will not clean themselves. But we promise that with the regular washing of your hair brush, you will experience cleaner hair, more volume, shinier, and best of all, healthier locks!

 Who wouldn't want that?


Step 1

Remove as many hairs from the brush as possible.

You can use your finger or for better ease, you can use a toothpick.



Step 2

Run the brush under water until it's damp

This is a good excuse to use a shampoo that you've long ago ditched or no longer use. Pump a small amount onto the bristles and carefully massage into each bristle. For hygiene purposes, we would advise using your bathroom sink to go through these steps. In order to avoid clogged pipes, it is best to make sure the stopper is on.

Step 3

Take a brand new toothbrush to do once over cleaning to reach the harder to reach places.



Step 4

Lay it out to dry on a cotton towel.

As an additional step, you can leave the brush under the sunlight as it is known to be a natural disinfectant.

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